The Mama Behind The Blog

Hello There!

I’m Steph – and at 27, I have now been thrown into the world of motherhood with the birth of my beautiful baby girl, Alice, in May 2017. Here you will find the rantings of my sleep-deprived, over-emotional mind as I desperately try to navigate my way through life with a newborn whilst trying to maintain some semblance of sanity.

If you have stumbled across this blog, I am assuming you are either:

A) A sleep-deprived mother, scouring the internet at 3am whilst your child screams in your ear because you dared to attempt laying them in their own bed rather than just continuing to be used as their own personal heated mattress.

B) Pregnant and beginning to mentally prepare yourself for what lies ahead once you are no longer an incubator.

C) Not currently with child, and laughing at the perils that those of us with children endure as you sip on cocktails and live a blissful life where the tinkling tune from a bouncing chair is not consistently reverberating in your ears.

Whoever you are, I look forward to sharing these times with you! Check out regular updates over at my Instagram: stephieandbabyalice